What is Wartune VIP good for?

Q: What is Wartune VIP good for?

A: Wartune VIP players can enjoy the following benefits: unique decorations for the exterior of your castle, special VIP quest, weekly VIP gift pack, access to the VIP Wheel, Exp boost, automatic check-in when you login, expanded friend quota, additional devotion points when you login, extra Kyanites after successful plunders, one-click capture, increased Alchemy Attempts, increased Daru Attempts,etc.

Wartune are the most important aspect of Pockie Ninja II Social. Although the upcoming online Q-version social strategy game allows players to develop villages, take on quests, form a community and develop an economy with their friends – really, the world depends on its ninjas above all else.

Not only are players in charge of a formidable ninja army in Pockie Ninja II Social, it’s also up to them to decide each individual ninja’s personal attributes.

Wartune Enhancements

NGames have revealed more information about the ways players will be able to enhance their ninjas as they strive to dominate the new ninja world.

Players can upgrade their ninjas through either Ryo or Enchancement Talismans, which can be used to increase any chosen attribute of a ninja’s personality.

Every time a ninja levels up, they are granted 5 additional points to use in the upgrade screen. From here, players can decide whether they want to create a well rounded ninja with equal stats in all areas, or specialize their ninja to become the best-in-class at specific tasks. There’s nothing like having attack specialists on-hand in your village; just in case your friends don’t take a shine to your most recent Facebook status updates.

As a Ninja’s aptitude rating increases, so does the number of points required to enhance their stats. Players should choose their upgrade paths wisely depending on how they want to play the game.

There will be 84 different ninjas to choose from when the game launches, which can be used for both village building and as part of a defensive/offensive force against opponents. With so much variety on offer and each ninja separately upgradeable, players will have the ability to tweak and create a truly personal, one of a kind army. Wartune

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