Wartune Event:Screenshot of the Week!

Duration: 8/9/2012 – Forever
Server: All Servers

Description: Many thanks to Ringless for a great event idea! We know you all have great fun and touching moments in Crystal Saga. We want you to share those moments here in this thread for everyone to see! Every week, I’ll choose one lucky picture star as our Picture of the Week to feature on our Facebook page and to lavish the photographer with a generous prize!

1) All pictures must be posted to THIS thread. Any images posted to other threads or emailed to me will NOT be counted.
2) Pictures must be uploaded directly into the post or uploaded to Tinypic and then copy/pasted into the post (use the link for “forums and message boards”). I will NOT go chasing your pictures down through links or downloads. If I can’t actually see it in the body of the post, it won’t be considered.
3) You don’t have to include any descriptions or commentary on the photo, but you are welcome to.
4) Be sure to include your name and server in your entry post. Only the photographer who uploads the image will receive the prize no matter how many people are in the photo.
5) Please be kind in your reply comments. Any comments deemed unacceptable or off-topic will be removed.

Reward: Winners will receive the Starglade Photographer Pack which contains:

  • Black Dragon Coin x 4
  • Gold Honor Badge x 1
  • 3x EXP Token x 3
  • 500 Honor x 1
  • New Title: Starglade Photographer

Winning Photos will also be featured on our Facebook page for all to see!

Notice - Please note that for this week only (8/23), winners will not be announced until 8/27. Rewards will then be sent shortly after. Thank you -Notice

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