Wartune Building of Crypt

There are 100 floors in Wartune Crypt. You have one chance to free challenges every day. The second time you want to enter, you need to spend Crypt key.
After each challenge you will be rewarded with loads of EXP, gems, Wartune Crypt key, other valuable items and rare composite formula.
If your level reaches 23, the entrance of Crypt will open. After you enter into the Crypt, there are monsters in every floor. Every five floors will appear varying number of treasure box randomly. After you defeat the monsters, you can enter into next level.
Wartune Crypt Tokens
‚ÄúTokens” is the currency of Crypt shop in game. After you enter into Crypt, every five floor will appear a gold treasure box. You can acquire varying number of Crypt Tokens, gems and rare items. These Tokens are used for exchanging various kinds of rare items and equip suit. Only you complete the challenge of the Crypt, you can acquire Tokens.
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