New game coming to R2Games-Wartune

Gamers eager to learn where the next chapter in the Wartune will take them are less than two weeks away from finding out. Spike TV and LucasArts announced today that a new Wartune franchise will be unveiled on May 31, with a gameplay reveal following on June 4.

The new mystery project will have its coming-out party on Thursday, May 31, during Spike’s Game Trailers TV show.

No further details are available. Earlier this month, Lucasfilm filed a trademark application and registered domain names for Wartune 1313, spiking speculation that this is the name of a new game in the Wartune  franchise.

The latest entry in the Wartune franchise was Kinect Wartune, which was released in April and received a chilly reception by critics. That game is set primarily during the time of Wartune Episode II: Attack of the Clones, with overlapping bits of the other prequel trilogy films and nods to the original Wartune trilogy as well.

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