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Wartune and Crystal Saga

WarTune is a Strategy Hybrid MMORPG. In this exciting strategy/RPG hybrid game, the action begins with the first click. Featuring three unique classes, single and multi-player dungeons, PvP arenas, competitive battlegrounds, thousand-player boss battles, a robust guild system, and… farming, WarTune combines the players’ favorite features from multiple game genres. Meanwhile, Crystal Saga is a [...]

Wartune Class

when the players initially log in our game wartune, they will enter into the interface of creating hero. It exist 6 heroes in wartune, in which there are three male kinds of professions and the other three female kinds of professions. By clicking hero, the players can see the magnified and fine hero CG. It’s [...]

Wartune Astro System

Boost your stats with the Wartune help of Astrals. You can either choose to focus on one stat or you can customize your character any way you want with different kinds of stat boosts. 1. Click on the Astro button to view the Astro interface in Wartune. 2. The Astro interface holds five different orbs. [...]

Wartune Official Game Trailer

Wartune Quest System

Wartune Players can accept Main Quests, Optional Quest, Daily Quests and Event Quests. Through accepting and completing quests, you can acquire quest reward, such as gold, items and equips. Main Quests is the most important quest. It can help player to know game faster and grow up rapidly. To complete main quests, you can acquire [...]

Wartune Check-In System

There are “check in” in Wartune daily guild. Every day you can check in once. When your check in reach a certain times, you can acquire extra bonus. The check in Wartune  counters is reset on 1st of every month. The accumulative day will recount. A red circle will appear on the date after you [...]

Wartune Building of Academy

Wartune Academy is used for upgrading different kinds of technologies in city. To upgrade Academy can study more technologies. Academy’s level will influence the highest level of the technology. To upgrade various kinds of the technologies in Wartune Academy need to spend Kyanite. The higher level it is, the more Kyanite you will spend. The [...]

Wartune Currency System(part2)

Wartune Coupons Besides coupons, Coupons is the other currency to buy items. With it, you can buy part of goods in shop. You can acquire Coupons through activities and quests of game. Wartune Insignia Insignia is a special currency in game. With it, you can exchange rare goods in Arena shop. You can acquire Insignia [...]

Wartune Currency System(part1)

Currency in Wartune is separated into 5 types. Wartune GOLD Gold is the most common currency in game. You can spend gold to upgrade buildings, study technologies, enhance equips, recruit army and Astro. You can acquire gold through Town Hall, Quarries, Dungeon, and Quest Bonus. etc. Wartune Crystal Crystal is the major expense currency in [...]

Wartune Devotion System(part2)

Wartune Event list that you can acquire devotion. Daily Login: First daily login can acquire 5 devotion. Energize Tree of Ancients (Own):to energize your Tree of Ancients once, you can acquire 3 devotion. Energize Tree of Ancients (Friend):To enter into your friends’ Tree of Ancients scene,when you energize for five of your friends,you can acquire 3 [...]